Strawz: Drinking Gets Complicated


Straws are too simple.  Isn’t it time we made using ’em just a little bit harder?

The DIY kit Strawz lets you fashion the most complicated sipping units imaginable.  Using 24 straws and 20 connectors, you can create your own maze of drink-passing tubes, with multiple entry and exit points.  That means you can create straws that draw from different glasses and end up in separate lips, with your design controlling which beverages stay unadulterated and which ones get mixed with other refreshments (and, errrr, other people’s saliva).


How many ridiculous convolutions can you make with this set?  Being the veritable LEGO of drinking equipment, I’d say plenty.  With twelve long straws (5 inches), twelve short straws (3 inches), four U-shaped connectors, four elbows, two T-connectors, eight joints and two four-way intersections, you can regale yourself with the knowledge that you can have a new straw everyday until the end of time (which, according to Nostradamus, will be 2012).

Of course, the obvious question begs to be asked.  Why in the world would you even want to build a ludicrous drink-sipping apparatus?   To further develop your engineering skills (why not?), apart from the fact that it’s the only way to drink from a bottle of gin, a glass of apple juice and a bowl of hot soup without having to mix them together.  Aaaah, refreshing.

Strawz is dishwasher-safe, so you can throw them in the pit with all your dirty dishes and have them ready for their next adventure in no time.  The DIY Kit is available now for only $9.95.

Available now at VAT 19