StretchWrite Turns Any Pen Into A Soft-Grip Stylus

Stretchwrite is a piece of rubber that, when worn around any pen or pencil, turns it into a functional capacitive stylus.  Basically, it’s like a prophylactic for pens so they can safely make physical contact with your mobile gadget’s display.  No glove, no love.

Designed to wear on a pen from end to end, it gives the writing instrument a soft rubber grip that could prove just a bit more comfortable than your ballpoint’s plastic body, whether you’re drawing on an iPad or jotting down notes on a stationery.  That should give it a little more desirability compared to the stylus-tipped ballpoint caps that some people use to turn regular pens into touchscreen-friendly instruments.

Made by Felix, the StretchWrite has a hole on one end for accommodating ballpoint tips and a capacitive cap on the other for tapping on your smartphone and tablet screens.  It comes with a thin-wall, hollow point stylus nib that the product page claims creates a “high-quality stylus” experience on any device with a capacitive touchscreen.  Because it stretches, it should fit most pens and pencils, as well as most other writing instruments within a reasonable thickness size.  Oh, and if you haven’t bothered carrying a pen in years, you can probably wear this over any object with pen-like dimensions to turn that into a stylus.  You know, like chopsticks or candles or even your girlfriend’s make up brush.

StretchWrite comes in two colorways: red and gray; and blue and pink.  Price is $10 for a pair.

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