Stretchy Bowl Can Store Flat

We all need bowls in our lives.  But we also need more space in the kitchen drawers.  Here’s a beautifully designed compromise: the Stretchy Bowl.

Made by Hook n Loop Design, it’s a bowl that can fold flat when not in use.  That way, you can use it to hold your fruits and produce when needed, all while fitting underneath a pile of other stuff as soon as you’re done.

How does the Stretchy Bowl accomplish this magical feat? Simple.  It’s not really just a bowl.  Instead, it’s more like a trampoline — a metal hoop acts as the frame, with a stretchy fabric laid out over it.  Instead of having your oranges bounce when you put them on top, though, the stretched-out material accommodates it by sinking down.  The more weight you drop in, the deeper it gets until it finally looks like a regular bowl standing on a special cradle.

Unlike plastic and glass bowls, the fabric is breathable, which should help keep your fruits fresher for longer.  From what we can tell, though, this bowl won’t work with either light objects (like small candies that weigh next to nothing) or liquids (no soup in this bowl), so it’s likely you’ll only be using it for fruits.  Which isn’t so bad, unless you don’t eat fruits.  In which case, you may want to use it as a trampoline for your pet hamster, instead (disclaimer: not sure if it will work).

The Stretchy Bowl is available directly from the Hook n Loop website, priced at $59.

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