Striker Light Mine Pro Will Illuminate Your Tasks In Dark, Tight Spaces

Striker recently announced the latest version of their awesome freestanding task light.  Called the Striker Light Mine Professional, it retains the same quirky underwater naval mine appearance, all while bringing in a whole host of improvements that should make it your go-to lighting solution when you’re working in unusual places.

What differs from the original?  This new version features eight times brighter illumination, four times longer life on a single batch of AAAs, a signal beacon and a red night vision light.   Whether repairing your car by the roadside, wrenching your way under a sink or working at the power box when the lights go out, it could literally be the only lighting tool you need.  Sorry, Might-D-Light — it’s been a good run.

The Striker Light Mine Professional measures about the size of a baseball, making it easy to stow away in a bag, the glove compartment or any small nook in the house.   Each of the protruding arms come armed with 11 nodymium magnets at their tips, letting you affix them to any metal surface as tri-pods or quad-pods.  The result is a freestanding, movable 360-degree light that can keep your tight, badly-lit work areas adequately illuminated while you perform your magic.

Four lighting modes are available: low power spot, high output spot, red night vision and blinking red signal, all accessible from the red switch at the end of one arm.  Eight Lumen Tech LEDs on the front white lens and 4 LEDs on the back red lens provide all the necessary illumination.

Amazon has the Striker Light Mine Professional now, priced at $19.99.

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