Strong Like Bull Magnets – Enough Said

Whether you use them to hold your kids’ drawings on your door-in-a-door fridge or all your tardiness memos on the office file cabinet, small pin magnets are awesome.  Once you try to make them hold something beyond one or two pages, though, they become less awesome.  Which isn’t awesome.  Change the awesomeness with these Strong Like Bull Magnets.

Unlike your standard weakling fridge magnets, these powerful magnets have a rated direct contact pull strength of over 25 pounds.  That allows it some serious step up in function, letting you hold thick piles of papers on the whiteboard (see picture of it holding a 60-sheet notepad below), and even acting as a pinch-carry handle for heftier metal items (like the 10-lb plate below).

Each Strong Like Bull Magnet features an N52-grade neodymium iron boron magnet coupled to a steel cup that directs magnetic flux towards the front end.  The assembly is housed inside a cylindrical aluminum shell with a rubber grip that’s anodized for durability and color.  Each one comes with a brand logo at the top of the case.

Why not just get one of those neodymium cube magnets?  Since they’re pure magnets, they attract from all directions, which could make for a mess if all you really need is a magnet that attaches stuff to a flat surface.  They are also hard to grasp — a problem solved by the magnet housing and its accompanying rubber grip.

Basically, the Strong Like Bull Magnet is as overkill a fridge magnet as you can get.  Originally a Kickstarter project, it’s now in production and will go on retail in the official website by April.