Strukt’s Clever Digital Wallpaper Makes Pedestrian Walls Look Vibrant, Futuristic


The future of wallpapers may not even be paper.  Given how awesome Strukt’s Digital Wallpaper installation looks (making an erstwhile office space look like a spaceship bridge), there’s a good chance of that happening.

Set up at the office space of Büro Hirzberger in Vienna, the actual room is clad in simple black and white stripes.  Multiple projectors mounted to the ceiling beam undistorted images onto the stripes, turning out a unique room aesthetic that look like lighting panels installed directly on the walls.  Using software created by Strukt and hardware from Concept Solutions Vienna, the effect is created by way of some tricky programming, which maps the projectors’ outputs to conform to the shape of any room.


Current wallpaper designs include static colors, moving stripes and a Pac Man animation, all of which are programmed individually by Strukt.  The group claims that the design is easily scalable to as many projectors as you’d like to install and can be configured to interact with occupants (such as changing displays when people pass through).

The clever trick here, of course, is the “deskewing,” which allows the visualizations to hit the surfaces without looking all awry.  Can’t wait to see what design varieties they end up producing for future iterations.  Make sure to check out the video on Strukt’s website to see the Digital Wallpaper in action.

[Strukt ]