Studio BIB 500 Marker Poster Features 500 Unique Illustrated Black Markers

Some people just love to collect stuff — Star Wars memorabilia, LEGO toys and whatever other stuff they can obsess over.  Toronto-based artist Allister Lee has set his focus on black markers, which he proceeds to draw individually to scale in an art project he calls the Black Marker Bible.

Intent on building the most extensive assemblage of black markers in the world, the artist started the collection back in 2002 when he started using different types of black markers to get specific effects in his illustrations.  Over the years, he’s added to the collection extensively, building up an assortment from all over the world.   Currently, Allister’s collection consists of 523 unique black markers, which he’s looking to grow up to a thousand pieces.   Once he reaches the goal, the plan is to stage an exhibition showing off both the markers and his illustrations of them.

To commemorate the milestone of reaching his 500th piece, the artist is releasing the Studio BIB 500 Marker Poster, which features the first 500 black markers in the collection.  The depicted markers, all drawn to scale, span a wide range, from vintage glass-barrel Magic Markers to modern Sharpies to metal-jacket Sakuras.  The Studio BIB 500 Marker measures 42 x 32 inches, with the illustrations printed in 80-pound gloss poster stock.

Whether you are simply looking for a unique poster to adorn that empty space in your wall or are genuinely stoked at the sight of such an unusual collection of art supplies, the Studio BIB 500 Marker Poster should make for a great picture to show off.  It’s available now, priced at $45.

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