Study Bed: Because Your Wall Bed Pales In Comparison

Busy on the computer one minute, idle the next?  Why waste more of your spare time on Twitter and Facebook, when you can just use that time to sleep?  The Study Bed gets that job done, transforming from a workspace to a sleeping area in one swift motion.

A clever space-saving solution for a bedroom and study room combo, the versatile fixture keeps everything clean and simple.  You don’t even have to remove a single item on the desk when you turn it into a bed, as the mattress rolls out without turning the table over.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you simply fold the bed back in and resume work right where you left off.

Available in four different sizes (3 feet, 4 feet, 4 foot and 6 inches, and 5 feet), the Study Bed offers both adequate sleeping area and a very large desk, all without using up more space than a regular single-sized unit.  It can be stood on its own (without any attachments), transforms within seconds and requires no other furniture to be moved when shifting from one mode to another.  Buyers can choose to outfit it with customized storage options, along with their choice of paint color or wood veneer finish.

This is perfect for spare rooms, kids’ bedrooms and home office workers who like to spend half their workday sleeping.  The conversion from a bunk to a study table is impeccable, with no traces of a bed ever having made its way into the space.  It’s available in the UK, priced from £1,150 to £1,395.

[Study Bed via Book Of Joe]