Stuffed Hamburger Press Adds Filling To Your Patties In A Jiffy

A half pound of grilled ground meat between burger buns is delicious.  If that same patty comes bearing surprising flavors inside, the experience of eating just rises a whole other level.  And that’s exactly what you can make with the Stuffed Hamburger Press.

A dishwasher-safe kitchen accessory, it’s actually just two round lids you can fill with meat and slap together to form one thick pile of ground beef.  The magic happens using a plastic insert that will form a well in the center of the meat when  you press it.  Open up the two sides again, remove the insert and you’ve got a central hole that you can plug with your choice of fillings.  We suggest not filling it with more hamburger meat, but that’s up to you.

The Stuffed Hamburger Press is made from durable plastic, so you can use it over and over for making patties with something special sitting in the middle.  You know, tasty stuff like cheese, chili peppers or a small slice of cake, just in case you like your lunch with accompanying desert.

Can you make stuffed hamburgers without this press?   Probably, but we’ll bet that takes a lot of kitchen cunning.  And, let’s face it, if you had that going for you, stuffed burger patties would have probably been a regular part of your cooking arsenal already.

Just say the words “stuffed hamburger” and your mind immediately dreams up something amazing.  Well, you can create the same wondrous image in the kitchen with the Stuffed Hamburger Press.  It’s available now, priced at $12.

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