Stumble Upon Sofa Is A Carpet That’s A Couch That Also Happens To Be A Bookcase

A carpet with large ridges is just a whole lot of annoying.  And, yes, it looks just as annoying on this Stumble Upon Sofa, a large carpet with huge kinks in it that actually serves as a couch.

Designed by Alessandro Isola, this carpet and sofa combo comes with a carbon fiber structure under the ridged section of the carpet, giving it a firm and sturdy surface that you can plop down on.  We’re not entirely sure why you would want a permanently messed up carpet taking center stage in the living room, but if that’s your thing, this is exactly the piece to kick your OCD into its next gear.

The Stumble Upon Sofa features an uneven backrest and a seat that slopes down towards one end, making the carpet kink look like a natural occurrence instead of an intentional design element.  That touch allows the piece to be used for upright seating positions on one end (the one with the high backrest) and lounging with your feet up on the other.  The bottom structure, by the way, serves as a small bookshelf, allowing you to keep reading materials nearby without taking up the Shipping Container Coffee Table.  We’re not entirely sure how this thing is supposed to be maintained (carpet cleaners, probably?), but you have to admit: a carpet that’s also the sofa that also happens to be a bookcase does sound a whole lot of awesome.

No word on whether there are any manufacturing plans for the Stumble Upon Sofa.  You can learn more about the design from Isola’s website.

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