Stylish d. Selection Bookshelves And Sideboards Are Made Of Cardboard

Tired of the same lame bookshelves lining your study’s walls? Put a little eco-friendly class to your room with the d. Selection Cardboard Furniture from Richard Dienes, which currently includes very stylish modern bookshelves and sideboards, clad in striking colors.

Personally, we couldn’t care less what it’s made of. It can be horrifically made from animal bones and it will still look amazing, as it houses my collection of history books and law journals. Okay, I’m just kidding. About the heady books, not the animal bones.

The d. Selection currently consists of two main pieces, the Cardboard Bookshelf Dickens and the Cardboard Sideboard Georgia. The former is a vertically-oriented fixture with four rows of shelves and 13.8 x 47.2 x 23.6 inch dimensions (d x w x h), while the latter is a single row shelf with three compartments and 13.8 x 47.2 x 23.6 inch dimensions. Both pieces are made from 100% recyclable cardboard and finished with an SGS certified color-film made of PVC. It’s available in numerous bright colors, making it a good match for many contemporary-oriented theme or decor.

Since I’m not familiar with cardboard furniture, I have to wonder if this is as flimsy as the cardboard projects I made from grade school. Hopefully not, because my thick volumes of political science and classical philosophy tomes are really, really heavy. Okay, I’m lying again. I don’t even read. Please, stop me.

Both the Cardboard Bookshelf Dickens and Cardboard Sideboard Georgia from the d. Selection are available now for $419 and $389, respectively.  Sounds like a fair price for very high-end looking pieces.

[Fashion4Home via Better Living Through Design]