Don’t Worry, It Will Float: Sub Jumpa, An Underwater Pogo Stick

Pogo’s evolution into a stunt sport has attracted a decent number of new fans. We’re not sure how its latest progression as a water sport will go, but we’d sure like to see someone try with the Sub Jumpa, the world’s first underwater pogo stick.

How do you pogo on a swimming pool? According to the product description, just like you do on land, diving down to the bottom of the pool and letting the stick spring you back up. Since the water is there for cushion, you can easily bounce off the pool walls too, adding an extra dimension to the stunts you can perform.

Don’t let the potentially idiotic concept fool you – the Sub Jumpa, a 35-inch long pogo stick built out of heavy duty ABS plastic, might actually make sense. At least, I think it does. With a non-slip footrest (yes, I find it hard to believe too), rubber handlebars for a firm grip and the push-off provided by a rigid water ball sitting right under, it could very well work. Of course, it could very well lead to a cracked skull, a broken nose and drowning too, but isn’t that how stunt sports are supposed to go?

It’s recommended for kids nine and above, so I’m guessing this is actually pretty tame. Chances are, the spring off the floor will be similar to pushing off with your legs, so there won’t be any danger of losing control. Unless you can’t swim. At which point, what are you doing on the deep end of the pool? Oh wait, you accidentally bounced on your way there. Sorry, kid.

Strictly for in-ground pool use, the Sub Jumpa is available now for $59.95.

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