Protect Your Laptop In Style With The Ultra-Slim Subtech Drycase


A padded case is usually enough to give your backpack the protection it requires. At least, that’s the case for everyday use around the city. For those times you’re taking it out of the urban jungle, though, all bets are off. You need something that’s a little more armored up, than usual, and that’s exactly what the Subtech Drycase brings to your gear stash.

Designed to strike the balance between rugged and stylish, the laptop case is reinforced enough to protect your computer from bumps, drops, and the elements, all while being slim enough to be convenient for everyday use. Whether you’re bringing your laptop along while surfing at the beach, camping at the backcountry, or going on a business trip, this thing should strike the necessary balance of stylish form and rugged protection.


The Subtech Drycase a laptop case that’s made using a blend of polyurethane, EVA foam, and spandex, along with enforced edges, ensuring there’s enough material to absorb pressure while being able to stretch to accommodate your devices. It has a semi-rigid case that can absorb a good amount of pressure, so regular knocks and bumps shouldn’t present an issue, although it won’t quite provide the hardcore kind of armored protection you’ll get from thicker and more rigid cases. So yeah, while it will provide protection when you drop your laptop, don’t expect it to hold up at more extreme heights.

It’s splash-proof, with enough reinforcement on the walls and zippers to withstand heavy rain, so you should be able to bring it out no matter the weather conditions. Just try not to bring it in the water since dropping it accidentally could cause you some trouble (it’s not designed to withstand submersion). The exterior nano-coating, by the way, repels not just water, but also dirt, so it should be easy to keep this thing clean with just a wipe down every now and then.


The Subtech Drycase measures just a fifth of an inch thick, making it very convenient to use as an everyday laptop case, since you can fit it into your backpack without taking up much space. It has a zipper that opens all the way through both sides, too, allowing you to use the laptop without having to remove it from the case, complete with full access to all the ports on the sides. That way, your computer can always have a layer of protection on top of its shell, allowing it to be reinforced with some amount of armor even while you’re working.


As of now, only three sizes of the case are available: 12 inches, 13 inches, and 15 inches, each of which should accommodate any correspondingly-sized laptops. Do note, they also make 13- and 15-inch cases designed specifically for 2016 Macbook Pros and later, just in case you’re using one of those and are looking for a perfectly flush fit (the standard cases are a little bigger).

Want one? The Subtech Drycase is available now.

Subtech 13-13.3 inch Laptop Case Sleeve, Water and...
  • ideal outdoor and travel protection for your macbook pro 13, macbook air 13.3, or dell xps 13.