Suck UK’s CMYK Pen Lets You Recreate Every Hue Using Its Four-Color Combo


Chances are, you’ve owned or, at least, borrowed one of those multi-colored pens before, where you choose which color of ballpoint you’re going to write with by simply clicking on that specific color. It’s a nice novelty, especially if you like color-coding your notes. The Suck UK CMYK Pen takes that familiar design, but replaces the ink colors to correspond with the CMYK color model.

That’s right, this pen comes with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink colors, instead of the usual random combinations you’ll typically find in four-color retractable pens. Why? So aside from color-coding your notes, you can also the pen to shade your illustrations in a variety of colors, since the four colors included theoretically should allow you to recreate every color imaginable. We know, being to actually do that will be close to impossible, but having this pen alone will let you turn your notebook doodles into much more colorful affairs.


The Suck UK CMYK Pen looks like a regular four-color retractable pen, with its chunkier-than-usual frame (it needs to make room for four cartridges, after all), pull down color-coded controls, and a clip at the top, so you can secure it on your shirt or pants pocket. A clear section near the tip of the pen allows you to see the color of the nib that’s currently deployed, so you’re not suddenly surprised you’re shading with the cyan tip instead of the magenta that you were expecting. It’s about the same length as most pens, too, at 5.4 inches, so it should fit in most pencil cases, exterior backpack pouches, and pockets. Basically, it’s a regular pen, with none of the fancy trappings we frequently find with some modern writing instruments.

Except, of course, it’s not quite that regular. That’s because the pen is meant more for sketching and drawing, with the CMYK combo allowing you to shade your illustrations in different colors by using cross-hatching techniques. To the unfamiliar, by the way, that’s shading an area with intersecting lines, in this case, with varying colors to produce the appearance of an entirely new color.


The Suck UK CMYK Pen includes a mixing guide on the package, which shows you what colors to mix in order to produce some of the more common shades. Obviously, they can’t put every possible combination here (especially since shading heavier or lighter with one color can produce an entirely different hue), but that should give you the room you need to experiment by messing around with the color proportions.


No word on what kind of refills are used by the pen, so we’re hoping they use something common and readily available, making it easy to replace ballpoint cartridges as soon as they run out. Otherwise, you’ll end up running out of one color, rendering the pen only partly usable, since you will have to purchase a new one just so you can continue your projects.

Want one? The Suck UK CMYK Pen is available now.

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