Suck UK Graffiti Train Lets You Deface Your Own Train, Practice Your Tagging Skills


Finally, a train you can deface all on your own.  If you ever fancied tagging but never had the heart to destroy someone else’s property, you can do so now with the Suck UK Graffiti Train.  Sure, it’s sized like a toy, but it’s a surface you can decorate to your heart’s content.

Perfect for teaching children the finer arts of infiltrating freight yards to “redecorate” blank walls, the free-for-all (well, mostly you) canvas can help forge young hands into becoming the next big street artist.  With a wall of pristine white space all for the taking, you can wax your tagging skills till all your cans run dry.


The Suck UK Graffiti Train is a model railroad train clad in an unbroken tantalizing white color.  Instead of playing “choo-choo” for locomotive enthusiasts, it’s intended to work as a canvas for wielding your artistic gifts.  It’s made from high-density plastic and topped off with a paint-friendly finish, allowing you to fashion as much of your “art” as you want all over it.  In case you can’t create decent vandalism if your life depended on it, the train also comes with tons of pre-made transfer art.  Just stick the damn things, throw it up on your display case and tell everyone you sprayed it yourself.  They don’t know better, anyway.

Sure, it won’t substitute for either the rush or the street cred of actually tagging public property.  At least, you won’t have to deal with the grime of train yards nor the ire of rent-a-cops.  You could use it for practice, too, in case your homies have been dissing you for your less-than-optimal tagging skills.

You can vandalize your own Suck UK Graffiti Train for only $30.

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