Bring The Park Grounds To Your Living Room With The Suck UK Indoor Picnic Blanket

It’s easy enough to have a picnic inside the house. Just lay down your picnic blanket on the floor, put all your food there, and dig in. Problem is, you miss the sight of the green grass at the park, which has been replaced by the view of tiles, wood, or whatever other floor material you’re using at home. While it’s obviously a bad idea to cover your home’s floor with grass, maybe you can get some of that al fresco dining feeling with the Suck UK Indoor Picnic Blanket.

That’s right, they made an indoor picnic blanket, which comes covered in a realistic print of grass and daisies, so you can feel like there’s a patch of grass right on your living room floor. You can put your food right on the grass and sit on it, pretending you’re having your picnic in the dirt, as well as lay it down right next to another blanket (preferably that one with the pepperoni pizza print), so you can eat your food in the regular blanket while enjoying the lovely sight of green grass and nature right beside you.

The Suck UK Indoor Picnic Blanket is actually a two-sided blanket. One side is printed with checkered fleece just like traditional picnic blankets, so you can use it for your actual al fresco lunches out in the park without looking out of place. The other side gets the unique grass and daisies print, making it look like you tore a wide strip off the park grounds and brought it inside your home, so you can really recreate that outdoor dining feel without having to leave the house.

Why not just drive to the park, lay a blanket down on the dirt, and actually have a real picnic? Well, it could be nice and all, but the traffic could suck, the weather isn’t the best, and you don’t really want to get your nice pants dirty by getting it anywhere near the dirt. Or something like that. Plus, this is a nice thing to lay down on the floor when you do a viewing marathon on Netflix or immerse yourself in a new game on your Xbox One X, giving you a refreshing change of your surroundings, so you can feel like you’re staring at a TV in the park. Because… you know… that could be fun.

The Suck UK Indoor Picnic Blanket measures 55 x 42 inches, so there’s a generous amount of space in there to lay out your food and rest your legs on. It’s thick, too, so you don’t have to feel the cold tile floors in your living room, all while rolling up just like a normal blanket for easily putting away inside a cabinet. Granted, the thickness makes it a little too big to use for actual picnics (you probably don’t want to walk around carrying this thing), although if you’re going by car, we guess you can throw it in the boot without any trouble.

The Suck UK Indoor Picnic Blanket is available now.

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