This Volcano-Themed Nacho Platter Turns Snack Time Into A Natural Disaster


Yes, a platter of nachos (or spoonachos) covered in salsa and melted cheese is delicious. It also looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse event. The Suck UK Volcano Dip Bowl takes full advantage of that tumultuous appearance, turning the erstwhile chaotic nacho platter into a scene for an imminent natural disaster.

Designed by Nick Lerwill, it’s a nacho platter with a volcano-shaped dip bowl in the middle, which you can fill with spicy salsa, melted cheese, or whatever condiment you want to serve as stand-in for molten lava about to rain down on the surrounding town. No, the bowl won’t actually spit out your condiment the way an actual volcano would, but it definitely looks the part, which makes eating an erstwhile normal plate of nachos sound doubly awesome.


The Suck UK Volcano Dip Bowl is handmade from porcelain with a clear glaze finish, complete with minimalist print depicting a small town with a trail, some trees, and even a cabin by the side of the road. Of course, all of that will be covered by nachos before you even get started eating, so no one really cares, unless you’d rather keep the nachos elsewhere and just fill the volcano at the center with an overflowing amount of your condiment of choice. Yes, making sure the volcano is overflowing with whatever dip you have is recommended to make it look like molten lava spilling out down the sides.

For best results, of course, it’s still recommended to use the dish as a platter for holding all your nachos, since it completes the story of having to evacuate all residents due to an impending volcanic eruption. Yes, the evacuation entails eating all the nachos until there’s nothing left on the plate but tiny morsels and blotches of dip that serve as reminder of the horrors that happened here. Congratulations, my dear nacho-eater, you just saved the population of an entire small town.


Dimensions are 9.8 x 2.3 inches (diameter x height), so the Suck UK Volcano Dip Bowl is really not that big of a plate, making it a decent size for a one- or two-person serving of nachos with a generous amount of dip. Basically, if you’re snacking with a group, you’ll need something bigger. Unless, of course, you have multiple pieces of this dish in the kitchen, at which point, each one in the party can have their own personal volcano.


While designed for nachos, the dish should serve as an excellent serving platter for any food that’s paired with a good amount of dip. Whether it’s chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, marshmallows with melted chocolate, or French fries with ranch dressing, this thing will enable an explosion of flavor in your mouth while allowing you to play out a natural disaster scene wherein you save the world from impending demise. Well, technically, you ate everything before the lava can destroy it, but it really doesn’t sound as heroic when you put it that way.

Want one? The Suck UK Volcano Dip Bowl is available now.

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