Suction Bungee Cord Fences In Stuff On Your Shelves

Ever had a jar of peanut butter fall off the kitchen shelf?  How about a bottle of your favorite beer slide off a fridge rack or a bottle of cough syrup slip off the medicine cabinet?  Nobody likes the kind of mess that results from that.  The Suction Bungee can help.

Designed to keep the stuff you store in slippery shelves from falling over, the cord acts as a barrier that fence in whatever you have on the shelves.  That way, the rest of the beer don’t end up falling to the floor and going to waste when you accidentally knock them over while you drunkenly reach for your fifth round from the fridge.

The Suction Bungee consists of an 18-inch bungee cord with suction cups on either end.  You can, of course, cut the cord and reattach the suction if you need something shorter.  To use, just stick the cups to the sides of the storage shelf and stash all your breakable containers behind it — no more jars and bottles falling off either because the shelf is slippery or you accidentally knock them over.  Since it uses suction cups, you should be able to quickly detach and reattach the barrier any time you need to retrieve something that won’t quite fit with the cord installed.

You can get the Suction Bungee in packs of two, priced at $12.98.

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