Sudski Puts A Cup Holder In The Shower So You Can Drink Beer While Showering


Drinking beer while you lather up in the shower? Not the best idea on the surface. When you realize that combining a hot shower and a cold beer mashes up a pair of relaxing activities into a relaxing super-activity, though, then it definitely makes a lot more sense. Problem is, where the heck will you actually set down the beer while you’re lathering up and rinsing? That’s a job for the Sudski.

A bathroom accessory, it’s a cup holder that’s designed to affix somewhere in the shower, so you can keep your beer within reach, ready to be chugged at a moment’s notice. Just slap it on a tile or mirror in the bathroom to give yourself a handy cup holder where you can set down your refreshment right inside the shower.


The Sudski is a silicone cup holder sized to hold a standard can of beer, so you can bring your favorite suds inside to accompany your shower. It’s designed to mount temporarily, so there are no adhesives or mounting hardware, relying on one of those newfangled reusable stick-on backings instead, similar to many modern wall-mounted accessories. While the cup holder can fit both cans and bottles, the outfit recommends using it strictly with the former, as they’re aren’t all that certain whether the adhesive surface will hold up to carrying a heavy glass bottle. Oh yeah, there’s also an integrated drainage where moisture can flow out, so water won’t collect inside the cup holder.

It’s designed to adhere to glossy surfaces, like glazed tiles, mirrors, glass, marble, and metal, so while it’s definitely best for use in the shower, you can probably try using it elsewhere around the house. Do note, the surface has to be flat and dry, so make sure to wipe down any moisture before mounting. They also recommend waiting a full 24 hours after mounting the cup holder before actually using it to hold any beer.


Since most people will probably be rather inexperienced with combining showering and drinking, Sudski has a brief guide about how to make the most of the activity. First, they recommend finding a spot for the beer where there’s zero chance of getting lather or water in it. We know, since you’re placing it in the shower, it’s probably not as easy as it sounds. Second, they recommend ice-cold beer while turning up the water’s heat, so you can pair two extremes together. Lastly, they suggest choosing a beer you can finish in 10 minutes or less, saving the heavier stuff for those times when you’re not looking to relax, but to get really, really drunk. You know, like when your wife leaves you for another man. Or something.


Because it’s reusable, the cup holder can be easily removed from its mounting surface, either for placement in a different position or for cleaning. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, so you can just dump it with the rest of the load to get the whole thing clean and ready.

The Sudski is available now.