Sugru Hacking Putty Can Fix Everything

There’s no point in buying cool stuff if you’re not going to tinker with it.  And some of that tinkering will likely cause it to break at one time or another.  That’s why it’s smart to keep a stash of Sugru handy.

Invented by former art student Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh (yes, I just copy-pasted that, too), the hacking putty is a clay-like compound that you can use as a go-to solution for a variety of problems.  Yes, just like duct tape.  Except it’s clay, so you can turn it into a whole host of wondrously ugly forms.

Sugru is a revolutionary putty compound that bears a lot of resemblance to modeling clay — you know, those things you made animal figures with when you were a kid.  Like clay, it can be molded into shapes.  Unlike it, the material is self-adhesive, so you can use it to attach wood, metal, leather, plastic, rotting zombie flesh and more.  After it cures in 24 hours, it will create a strong hold no different from super glue.

Even better, though, it doesn’t harden.  That means, you can use it to glue things that need to bend, such as shoes and alien skeleton joints.  Not only that, it’s also waterproof (you can use it to patch leaks), temperature-resistant from -76°F to 356°F (you can use it to fix stuff that gets hot or cold), and dishwasher-safe (yep, for the Chopula you broke from too much use).

Aside from repairs, you can also use Sugru to add custom handles, hooks and other bits to your existing stuff to give them a whole new function.   It’s available from Thinkgeek in packs of 12 (multiple colors), priced at $18.

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