Sugru Magnet Kit Combines Hacking Putty And Magnets To Amazing Results

We love Sugru.  Even though to this day, we still can’t understand how it manages to stick to everything.  We just accept it as magic, a genuine product of modern sorcery that enchants and beguiles.  Like Kate Upton’s runway walk.  Or something equally as awe-inspiring.  Because the wizards at Sugru knows we’re not as smart as them, they decided to spoonfeed us with one of the cleverest applications for their MacGyver compound: the Sugru Magnet Kit.

Unlike the hacking putty itself, there’s nothing mysterious here.  They just paired it with a bunch of magnets because they’re sick and tired of people not using Sugru to put magnets on everything when it’s perfectly possible.  And we all know magnets make everything awesome.  Not as much as lasers, but still.  On that note, maybe I’ll use Sugru to put lasers on everything….

The Sugru Magnet Kit will contain several packets of the adhesive clay along with several pieces of magnets.   Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stick those magnets onto anything using Sugru where they may be of value.  You can, for instance, attach a magnet to the underside of shelves and use it as a place to hang keys, jewelry and other metal items.  How about sticking a magnet to your Intimidator Flashlight to create instant detachable bicycle headlights?  Or a magnet on the bottle opener, so you can keep it right on the fridge door?  Basically, it opens up a whole load of wonderful things.

Sugru is making a small initial run for the Magnet Kits, which will retail for $16 each come January.  You can register in the website to make sure they reserve you a set.

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