Business Suits And Onesies Combine Into The Suitsy


Granted, we doubt you can get away wearing the Suitsy at work for an entire day. The thing looks way too comfy to pass off as a proper straight-laced business outfit that someone is bound to notice at one point during the day. Still, if you want to look reasonably well-dressed leaving the house while decked in a comfy onesie, we guess few garments offer a better option.

Made by Betabrand, it’s a onesie designed to look like a suit. While the soft fabric material and the lack of sharp creases will probably give away the fact that it isn’t a real suit upon closer inspection, it could definitely trick some people if you keep your distance and stand at a good angle. In case someone calls you out on it, just tell ‘em it’s a new menswear fashion called “casual suits” or something. Sounds legit to me.


Like proper onesies, the Suitsy is designed to give a relaxed fit, although it wears much straighter to simulate the silhouette of a proper suit. It comes complete with all the parts of a full business outfit minus the belt, including a jacket, trousers, a collared shirt, and faux buttons in all the right places (down the shirt, jacket, cuffs). Yep, all the buttons are non-functional, with zippers hidden underneath for slipping in and out of the garment. Just add your favorite necktie and you’re good to go. Construction is a lightweight version of the cotton/polyester fabric blend used in Betabrand’s similarly clever Dress Pant Sweatpants.


Available now, the Suitsy retails for $264.60.

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