Summify Filters The Web Into 5 Articles For Your Reading Pleasure

Is your feed reader overrun with hundreds of updates you can’t even begin to dig through?  It’s a more common problem than you think and the guys behind Summify think they have a solution.

What does it do?  At its core, the service goes through the mass of content available on the web on a daily basis, then finds five articles that it thinks are the most relevant to your interests.  It’s kind of like having your own content curator, except everything’s done via an algorithm that analyzes your social graphs and the kind of data coursing through them.

When you create a Summify account, you’ll be required to enter at least one account on either Twitter, Facebook or Google Reader that you use to get information from the web.  Allowing it to scour all three should help widen its variables, too.  Once that’s done, it will then send you a nicely laid-out email of 5 or 10 stories that its algorithm deems to be the most relevant to your inclinations.  The emails are sent out daily, by default, although you can set it to send more frequent iterations (every 6 hours) or less (once a week).

Chances are, this thing can only get better the more it gets to know your reading habits.  For my first trial, though, it was 3 out of 5 — the other two blog posts it pointed me too were total busts.  Still, if it can point one or two great stories that I’d have otherwise missed everyday, then it’s doing its job right.

You can check out Summify from the link below.