Sumptuous Food Gifts to Give and Share This Valentine’s Day

Food is hardly the most romantic thing in the world. There’s nothing that inherently evokes romantic emotions when it comes to a juicy slab of freshly-grilled steak, a giant crab swimming in spicy Szechuan sauce, or a bucket of crispy fried chicken, after all, regardless of the feelings it stirs up inside your soul. There is, however, something utterly romantic about the act of giving and sharing food, which is why it’s integral in many of our romantic rituals.

With Valentine’s Day fast coming up, it’s a good time to look at some food ideas you can use to celebrate the day of love with those closest to your heart.

Petrossian Caviar Showcase for Two

Remember how you’d book a reservation for Valentine’s at a nice restaurant every year around this time? While people can still do that in some places, some may not be as fortunate where they live. For all intents and purposes, it’s the perfect year to stay home for Valentine’s dinner. If you still want to make the night romantic, this caviar set from Petrossian should make for a wonderful splurge. Designed for couples, it comes with a 125g tin of the luxurious sphere-shaped delicacy, a pair of mother-of-pearl caviar spoons, and even a pair of vodka flutes, although you’ll have to provide your own choice of icy elixir.

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Lobster Anywhere Rockport Romance

Want a romantic lobster dinner at home? Get this meaty package, which comes with a pound and a half of live lobsters from Maine, creamy New England Clam Chowder with oyster crackers, and an assortment of handmade chocolates from Harbor Sweets. They even threw in a set of steel crackers and forks, in case you don’t have lobster-specific utensils at home, all of them wrapped in checkered napkins to give the feeling of a romantic dinner out.

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Murray’s The French Connection

Few things scream sumptuous decadence than a French charcuterie board and it makes for one delightful sight at the table of any romantic dinner. This cheesy variation on the traditional French platter combines four classic cheeses (aged comte, montagnes, Roquefort, and bucheron), black cherry confit, silky Jambon (French prosciutto), and a handful of Castelvetrano olives. That’s 1.75 pounds of premium cheeses and six ounces of meat that you can nibble on, while mouthing sweet nothings and sipping a glass of your favorite bubblies.

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Omaha Steaks Valentine’s Steakhouse Dinner

For some people, a good dinner is a steak dinner. And while you can easily drive down to the local butcher to get some USDA Prime dry-aged meat, this set from Omaha Steaks gets you a full-course meal comparable to a steakhouse dinner in a single package. It comes with four servings of 5oz ribeye crown steaks, two 16oz packages of lobster bisque, four steakhouse-style hash browns, two 11oz packages of cream spinach, a 4oz package of seasoned butter sauce, a 3.1oz jar of the outfit’s signature seasoning, and a heart-shaped raspberry cheesecake sized to serve a pair for dessert.

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Chicago Steak & Fresh Seafood Gourmet Dinner

Love steak, love seafood, can’t decide on one? Not a problem with this steak-and-seafood combo from Chicago Steak, which puts together two 6oz filet mignons made from Angus beef and two 6oz lobster tails, allowing you to feast on the bounty of both land and sea. The steak, by the way, has been wet-aged for six weeks to enhance taste and tenderness, while the lobster tails have been specifically preserved for texture and flavor.

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Milk Bar The Romantic

Want to overload on sugar to make your next Valentine’s the sweetest day of the year? Pick up this Valentine’s baked goods set for two, which combines a 4-inch red velvet cake, a dozen red velvet truffles, and six pieces of assorted cookies. This Valentine’s special cake is available in a larger size on its own, too, if you prefer munching on spongy bread exclusively, although we imagine most folks would prefer enjoying different textures of sweet while they curl up and lounge after a big dinner.

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Sharri’s Berries Gourmet-Dipped Fancy Strawberries 24-Pack

Feeding your partner strawberries? Kinda romantic. Feeding them strawberries dipped in chocolate? Decadently romantic. Feeding them this set of strawberries dipped in a gourmet milk chocolate confection, topped with ground toffee, chocolate chips, and chocolate drizzle? It’s the absolute treat for the taste buds we always imagined they served you in heaven. Except… you know… you can enjoy it in your corporal form. Each box comes with 24 – enough to satisfy a couple with plenty left to chill in the fridge to extend the pleasures through the next day.

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Hail Mary Sugar-Free Cherry Cordials

This sumptuous box contains 28 plump cherries, each covered in either milk or dark chocolate. That’s right, you bite into a thick chocolate layer, then chomp down into a sweet and juicy piece of cherry, creating a delicious burst of sensation in your mouth. Most impressively, the whole thing is supposedly sugar-free, although we imagine they used some other sweetener to fashion it into a proper sweet treat.

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