Flex Like You Own A Speedboat On Social Media With This Inflatable Floating Island


Having your own high-performance speed boat that you can take out to the ocean to impress girls, entertain guests, and relax with friends? Awesome. Paying for a speedboat when you can barely afford to buy a nice car? Not awesome. For most of us, luxury watercrafts are just not an option in the cards. You can, however, pretend to own one with the Sun Pleasure Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island.

No, it’s not a real speedboat. Instead, it’s one of those floating islands that you anchor to a spot near the shore, allowing you to use it as a diving platform that you can easily swim to back and forth. Except, you know, it looks like a speedboat, so you can take pictures of you riding the darn thing and pretending it’s a real boat on Facebook. Imagine all the likes you’re going to get…


The Sun Pleasure Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island covers all the speed boat bases, from the semi-pointed bow and a windshield to a lowered deck area with benches and a stern you can use as a dive platform. Four benches are laid out on each side of the deck, which you can use to rest your legs the way you would on a real boat, although you can also lounge right on the bow, since it offers a flat surface to chill out in the water.

Stools on each end of the front bench come fitted with insulated storage chambers under the seat, which you can use to stash drinks, snacks, or whatever else you need to hold a party on the water. Eight cup holders scattered along the inflatable allow you to set down drinks securely, so you can get drunk and rowdy with your friends without spilling your refreshments all over the place.


The Sun Pleasure Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island has loops on the rear and sides for anchoring it to a spot on the water, which you might also be able to use to tow it from a real boat. Do note, the anchor loops don’t look all that reinforced, so towing this at high speeds could lead to an undesirable outcome. Basically, it’s a fake speedboat that you can’t ride like a real speedboat, even if you’ve got an actual speedboat towing it. It’s also not meant for use as any kind of boat, so don’t even try cruising on the water with it unless you want to wipe out.


Construction is heavy-gauge PVC, so this should hold up to many years of use, with a quick-release valve that allows you to inflate and deflate it in an optimum amount of time. It measures roughly 20 x 10 feet, by the way, so this will take up a whole lot of space when fully-inflated, all while deflating and folding down to a pile that measures 24 x 24 x 10 inches for easy transport.

Want your own inflatable speedboat? The Sun Pleasure Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island is available now.

6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party...
  • Perfect lounge for land or water use Designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation Room for 6