SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack Also Comes With Hydration Pack


If you’re going to carry a backpack around, might as well make it as useful for as many things as possible. That’s why we like feature-packed bags like the SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack, which bundles an ergonomic rucksack with a high-efficiency solar charger and a hydration pack.

Now, the company isn’t exactly known for bags (they make batteries), so it’s hardly the most stylish pack you’re likely to find. They do know power, though, and this one houses a terrific solar charging system that you’re bound to end up finding indispensable in your active life.


The SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack uses a high-efficiency 7-watt solar panel that boasts a 22 percent transfer rate, ensuring it can maximize any sun exposure your bag gets. The panel, which comes with protective anti-scratch hardened coating, is sewn into a high-wear PVC fabric to ensure it’s resistant to any kind of weather you encounter, whether you’re charging your devices on the city streets or on the adventure trail. It comes with a 5-volt USB port for charging mobile gadgets, with built-in voltage stability controller to ensure it doesn’t damage your battery or device.


A 1.8-liter hydration pack with a long sip tube and spill-proof bite guard also sits inside,  making it an ideal companion for weekend hikes and day trips. Construction is lightweight nylon for the bag, which helps it keep the entire pack’s heft (including the solar panels) to just 2.6 pounds.

Available now, the SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack is priced at $79.99.

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