Sunnyside Egg Mold Brings The Sun To Your Plate

I am a corny dude.  When I make pancakes, I serve them with the syrup drawn up into a smiley face.  When I make bacon, I stitch them together like the Epic Meal Time dudes do.  When I make waffles, I put chocolate spread in the shape of a heart.  I am a corny dude and it’s a good thing.  Want to get even cornier?  Start making your sunny side ups with the Sunnyside Egg Mold.

A silicon egg shaper, it’s just like those things you use to make perfectly round fried eggs.  Except instead of round, it offers you a mold for two shapes — a cloud and a sun, which is how the skies should look on a good day early in the morning.

The Sunnyside Egg Mold measures 5.434 x 4.33 x 0.95 inches, with separate areas for the whites (the cloud) and the yolk (the sun).  Only odd thing is, the sun managed to get in front of the cloud just like a child will probably draw the scene, but anyone who enjoys putting funny food on their plates definitely shouldn’t mind, especially with the ridiculous amount of scenes you can create with this thing in tow.

Want one?  Animi Causa has the Sunnyside Egg Mold available now, priced at $11.99.

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