These Super Heroic Sneakers Are Built To Support Children During Play


Most children’s sneaker designs are, basically, shrunk-down versions of adult footwear. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Except, it’s not exactly fashioned with the specific needs of children in mind. Super Heroic Sneakers look to break that pattern with the TMBLR v1, a pair of sneakers built from the ground-up with a child’s natural movements in mind.

Designed to support kids during play, the footwear has been built to remove any restrictions children may feel, whether they’re running to the next aisle at the toy store, climbing a ladder at the playground, or jumping on a trampoline in the backyard over and over. Instead, the shoes will help support and enhance the movement, allowing kids to push their play time to the max.


Billed as “the first ever shoe created specifically for children,” the Super Heroic Sneakers TMBLR v1 is built around the idea that children use more areas of their feet than adults do. As such, it’s been designed to support movement on multiple surfaces, complete with extra traction on areas where it’s typically not equipped on adult shoes. It has a mesh upper that’s both breathable and comfortable, complete with a seamless internal lining to ensure it interacts gently with a child’s feet. Instead of laces, a perforated and adjustable utility strap wears right over the top of the foot, keeping it contained inside the shoe without having to deal with laces that can come off multiple times throughout the course of the day.

It has a dual-density midsole that aids in multi-directional movement, so kids can run around freely, as well as a durable outsole that can provide stability on the uneven grounds of any park, lawn, or backyard they end up playing in that day. Traction ridges on the sides of the sole enhances grip like no other shoe currently does, ensuring this will offer better grip than any children’s sneakers you can find. There’s also a bumper at the heel to help add a layer of cushion during impact with any hard surface.


The Super Heroic Sneakers TMBLR v1 comes with a backpack that’s designed to look like a superhero cape when worn, so your kid can pretend to be some sort of caped crusader while wearing a functional backpack the whole time. And, yes, the backpack looks big enough to fit a Nerf blaster, making it a great accessory to put on during foam battles. The shoes, by the way, arrive in a tube package that plays superhero-worthy sound effects whenever it’s opened, adding an extra layer of play to the proceedings.


Since the shoes can only be ordered online, the outfit came up with an app that you can use to find your child’s exact shoe size. To use it, simply focus the camera on the child’s feet and it will give you the correct shoe size for the child. The same app, by the way, comes with a playground-finder that can show you the nearest playgrounds wherever you are at the moment.

Available in three colorways, the Super Heroic Sneakers TMBLR v1 is priced at $79.

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