Wake Up To Nostalgic Sounds Every Morning With This Super Mario Bros Alarm Clock


Sure, we know you’d rather wake up in the morning next to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, too. Since few people have access to such manners of good fortune, maybe you’ll settle for the nostalgic sounds of the classic Super Mario Bros theme song to rouse you from slumber, instead. Well, that’s exactly what this new Super Mario Bros Alarm Clock will bless your mornings with.

Made by Taito, it’s a digital alarm clock that will regale you with a serenade of one of the most recognizable video game themes in the history of mankind. Perfect for replacing the Rise & Shine Alarm Clock when you’re single after the girlfriend dumped you and have the bedroom all to yourself for the first time in years. Yeah, that didn’t sound as fun as I thought it would.

Available in two versions, the Super Mario Bros Alarm Clock has either a figure of Mario or Luigi in all their pixelated 2D glory, running on a platform with a small LCD for showing the time and buttons disguised as question mark blocks. Use the buttons to adjust the time and the alarm, then dive into bed, knowing that the morning will be glorious, with the official Super Mario Bros theme song gently waking you up in all its cheerful melodies.   Dimensions are 7 x 11 .8 inches (l x h), so it’s quite large, making for a beautiful piece to display right next to the bed, unless you get a new girlfriend who will, undoubtedly, want your childish possessions away from sight. Hey, it should make for a nice hand-me-down to an actual kid.

Slated to ship in May, the Super Mario Bros Alarm Clock is now available for preorder, priced at $24.

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