Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Bowser Brings A Fire-Breathing King Koompa To Your Action Figure Collection

We’re less than two months away from Super Mario Bros. Movie debuting in theaters. Whether you’re excited about the film or apprehensive after being disappointed by so many video game movies, we have a feeling you’re, at least, a little bit excited about the new toys that are going to come with a Super Mario movie. Now, we found the biggest reason to be excited: the Jakks Pacific Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Browser.

That’s right, the main antagonist of the Super Mario franchise is getting a 7-inch action figure, which is pretty cool in itself. However, what really makes this special is that the character is equipped with an illuminated “fire breathing” effect, allowing it to do just that much more than your typical action figure.

The Jakks Pacific Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Bowser won’t actually be breathing fire like Daenerys’ baby dragons on Game of Thrones. Obviously, that would be insane to put in children’s hands (unless you’re interested in burning your house down). In fact, it won’t even be breathing small flames like you can get from a disposable lighter at the convenience store. Instead, it just produces steam that comes out of Bowser’s mouth, accompanied by a light show that simulates the flickering glow of flames. Still, it’s pretty good, although the thick smoke does make Bowser look like he’s vaping or something.

It uses an ultrasonic mister to create the smoke-breathing effect, by the way, so you’ll need to regularly fill up a water tank somewhere on the figure. We don’t know how long a full tank will last, but we have a feeling you’ll want to keep a pitcher of water nearby if you want to play with this thing, since it’s probably going to burn through water pretty fast. Now, if someone can only make an adult version that actually breathes fire… On second, though, there’s no way Nintendo greenlights that.

The Jakks Pacific Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Bowser comes with 15 points of articulation, so you can adjust the character to hold all sorts of crazy poses. Want King Koopa to wreak havoc on your tabletop LEGO city? This action figure should be perfect for it, especially with all that smoke coming out of his mouth making the destruction feel even more intense. Because of the mister and the integrated LEDs, the toy requires a trio of AAA batteries.

Aside from Bowser, Jakks Pacific also announced a number of other toys tied in with the upcoming movie. Chief among them are five-inch action figures of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, all of which scale pretty nicely with Bowser’s seven-inch frame, so you can have the King Koopa terrorizing our smaller heroes just like he has done the last 40 years. Other toy sets announced include the 22-inch wide Mushroom Kingdom Castle playset, a series of 1.25-inch minifigures of the franchise’s characters, 2.5-inch removable figures with a pull-back racer (so you can relive Mario Kart on the living room floor), and several plush dolls.

The Jakks Pacific Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Bowser comes out end of February, priced at $29.99.

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