Super Nova Is An Illuminating Hotdog Balloon, Also Huggable

Ready to leave your supervillain ways? Do it in style. Leave the dark side and literally embrace the light with the Super Nova, a giant home lighting fixture that produces “virtually zero heat,” allowing you to wrap your body around it like an oversized tube pillow.

Created by architectural and design firm Cleanroom, it generates a “soft, ambient glow” that both “calms and energizes” a space. More than mere mood lighting, a single one of these can supposedly illuminate an entire room. We reckon they’re referring to a regular-sized living room, which does sound enticing.

The Super Nova looks light a giant balloon with lighting inside. Well, it kind of is. Aside from being completely friendly to human contact, it’s inflatable too. We’re not sure how big the deflated size is (can’t find any pictures or measurement specs), but the portability, lighting power and unique looks can make this awesome for events.

Inside the soft body lies a control box and high-efficiency LED that’s been rendered shockproof. While sitting on the thing may be pushing it, the fixture should handle regular falls quite handily (let’s face it – if you stand this thing, it likely will fall at some point). It comes in two length sizes, 6.5 and 4.5 feet, and can be fitted with either white light or RGB.

A totally new way of illuminating spaces, the Super Nova sure brings some excitement to the generally mundane world of lighting fixtures. Even better, it looks like you can turn it into the perfect giant lightsaber to hold Star Wars battles with the rest of your fanboy friends. No word on pricing, but it’s available now.