Super-Penetration Shovel For All The Dirty Work

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about a product called “Super-Penetration?”  If you answered “something dirty,” then you’re right on the money.  This is the Super-Penetration Shovel and it digs through dirt and clay like it’s nobody’s business.

The thing you use to dig up soil in the backyard?  That’s a shovel.  This one is different because it lets you penetrate hard-to-dig surfaces with minimal effort.  At least, as minimal as the laborious work of digging something gets.  When do we get home robots to do these chores again?

The Super-Penetration Shovel is constructed entirely of steel, making it strong and durable for a lifetime of use.  Designed for digging into hard, compacted and heavy clay-like soils, it features a tapered pointed blade at the tip and fully sharpened sides that do the job of slicing into rocks and humus before you scoop them up.

All parts are fully welded for stability, with the handles duly plated for rust protection.   It’s recommended for use with two optional accessories: a rubber foot pad that fits either side of the shovel and a 10-inch mill file for keeping the blades sharp.  And, yes, those blades should come in handy when gutting the head out of attacking zombies.

Don’t need a heavy-duty shovel for your rather mundane gardening duties?  Psh.  As if you’re supposed to buy this for the utility.  There’s only one reason to buy the Super-Penetration Shovel and that’s so you could tell your friends about it, while saying “super penetration” over and over again.  No, really.  It’s available from Garrett Wade for $120.

[Garrett Wade via Uncrate]