Super Soaker Thunderstorm Is A Squirt Gun With Reloadable Magazines

Nerf dart guns are great for cubicle warfare.  Squirt guns and their electronics-shorting ammunition, not so much.  For outdoor shootouts, however, they’re the perfect fare — wet, messy and downright fun.  And so far, few squirt shooters can match this Super Soaker Thunderstorm in terms of usefulness in the battlefield, with its easily-replaceable clip that lets you stock up on ammunition without multiple trips to the sink.

That’s right, it comes with a quick reload magazine that allows you quickly replenish your water stores during the heat of combat.  Load your backpack with clips and you’ll be shooting non-stop while everyone else scrambles trying to find a place to refill their squirters.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is a fully-automatic squirt gun that lets you rain down water bullets at maximum speed.  Each shot can travel a  range of 25 feet, allowing you to attack opponents from a reasonable distance.  It requires four AA batteries to operate.

The clip is completely separate from the gun, so you can fill up a dozen clips, keep them within reach and just reload as soon as your store is drained.   Each gun only comes with one clip, though, so you’ll have to buy multiple magazines separately.

Price for the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm is $19.39, with additional clip canisters damaging you another $6 apiece.

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