Super WiFi Antenna Harvests Signals Up To 1 Mile Away

Free wifi hotspots — I love them, you love them, everybody loves them.  Sure, you have enough money to pay for internet any time you need it, but you tend to feel better about yourself when you leech access off other people’s networks.  That’s just how you roll.  Well, then, you’ll love the Crane US3 Super WiFi Antenna.

No, “super” isn’t an exaggeration here.  It really is a high-performing WiFi antenna, harvesting signals from way, way further than what you’ll normally pick up with the built-in radio on your computer.

The Super WiFi Antenna is a USB gadget that plugs into your computer, allowing you to see wireless networks from as far as 1 mile away.  It requires line of sight to make the full mile, though (no obstructions), but you should still be able to get signals from a far distance even in a crowded city (if really necessary, you can always set up work on the roof).

The actual antenna measures 10 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches, with a 15-foot long USB cable on its tail.  It can work with both Macs and Windows PCs, as well as with all routers (b, g, n).  The antenna powers via the computer (it has two USB plugs on the end), so there’s no need to hook it up to a wall outlet, making it convenient to use during camping and other outdoor trips.  It includes a full set of mounting options that include a hanging lanyard, a cable tie, a hook and loop material, and suction cups.

Amazon has the Crane US3 Super WIFi Antenna available now.

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