Super73-C1X Combines The Outfit’s Sporty Ebike Styling With A Proper Electric Moto Powertrain

Some ebikes are done up to look like regular bicycles. Others take a more liberal approach. In the case of Super73, they’ve built quite a rep with their fleet of bikes covered in sporty moto styling. So much so, in fact, that Indian partnered with them to create an ebike with the motorcycle maker’s badge. With the Super73-C1X, the outfit goes beyond motorcycle aesthetics by actually turning out a full-fledged electric motorcycle.

That’s right, Super73 is now making electric motorcycles that retain the same retro styling as their electric bicycles, all while delivering more power for a more exhilarating driving experience.  Granted, it won’t quite have you speeding through highways like one of Zero’s electric motorcycles, but it brings enough muscle to give you a fun ride all the same.

The Super73-C1X is, naturally, equipped with a far more powerful motor and battery combo than the one on their ebikes. While the outfit seemed loathe to reveal details about the powertrain specs, it will supposedly send the motorcycle sprinting at speeds of up to 75mph, which is equivalent to the speed you can typically get from a 250cc scooter. It can also get you a range of around 100 miles, making it a viable vehicle for everyday city riding. Even better, it supports Level 2 fast charging, allowing you to get 80 percent of the battery filled up in just under an hour of plugging into an outlet.

According to the outfit, the electric motor has been rear-mounted on the swingarm, eliminating chain slack and the maintenance that goes with it, all while leaving more room on the front chassis to accommodate a large battery. While we have no idea how large the battery module on this thing is, the amount of fairing out front does suggest a big battery enclosure is hidden there somewhere.

The Super73-C1X has proportions that actually resemble that of the outfit’s ebikes, rather than the current crop of electric motorcycles. The seat height, for instance, is just 31 inches on the 15-inch wheels it stands on, while the bike itself has a pretty short 51-inch wheelbase, which, the outfit claims, makes it very agile on the road. Designed for simplicity, it doesn’t have a clutch, gears, or foot brakes, making it a very approachable motorcycle for the ebike riders they’re likely targeting to be its eventual first adopters. Because of this, it’s also going to be lightweight, with the outfit targeting a weight of just under 300 pounds for the production version.

Other features include LED daytime running lights, a dual LED headlamp surrounded by light bars, pulsing turn lights, and a minimalist digital display on the right side of the handlebar. As for the rest, the bike is still not completely finished, so everything else beyond that should still be subject to change.

The Super73-C1X is slated to come out in late 2023. There’s no listed price yet, but given that their ebikes sell for just few hundred bucks under $4,000, we imagine this one will be a lot more expensive. You can put down a reservation now for just a $73 deposit.

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