Supercollar Hides A Leash Right Into The Dog Collar

Dogs wear collars and collars always go with a leash.  And, for some reason, the leash always seems to be missing right when you’re about to walk your mutt.  That won’t happen anymore with the Supercollar, a dog collar with its own retractable leash.

That’s right, the leash is integrated right on the collar.  And it doesn’t stick out, create an inconvenient bulk or otherwise make life harder for your pet.  In fact, it looks like a regular dog collar with a belt-style adjustable closure and just a pair of small plastic boxes along the sides.

To equip the leash, simply unlock the stainless steel toggle on the Supercollar and pull on the rubber handle.  Once you do, the integrated coated steel cables (3 feet each) will come out of the side boxes, allowing you to lead your dog for a jog in the park or a walk around the neighborhood.  With each cable having a break strength of over 100 lbs., you can guarantee it stays on, regardless of how boisterous your mutt gets while playing.

Since the handle locks onto the collar when the leash is not in use, the dog won’t be able to pry it out or accidentally tug on it.  The onboard retractors are waterproof and self-cleaning, as well, so you never have to worry about them being clogged from playing in the dirt.

While I would have preferred for a product called Supercollar to make my dog fly and battle supervillains, this one’s pretty good, too.  It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of dogs, priced at $39.95 each.

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