Superhero Noir Posters: Cool Comicbook Art For Grownups

You’ve been in search for something to hang up the wall of your big boy pad for a long time now.  All those comic book posters you’ve collected over the years?  Not gonna work.  How about art prints?  Yeah, the only art you can appreciate is graphic and it just seems off.  Artsy photographs?  That could work, but you want something that represents who you really are, the lifelong comic book aficionado, deep down.   Well, how about these Superhero Noir Posters?

Designed by Macedonian artist Marko Manev, it’s a series of artsy posters that place the very recognizable silhouette of a superhero amidst a noirish black and white scene.  The result is amazing.  It’s geeky enough for comic book marks, yet classy enough not to embarass you when you bring a date over.

Marko designed ten of these Superhero Noir Posters, each one featuring a different character.   You have Captain America standing atop a hill while bomber planes fly above him; there’s Thor raising his hammer in the middle of a field;  one gets the Iron Man starting his ascent out of a smoky pier; Incredible Hulk standing atop a battered tank in a street he likely destroyed all by himself; Wolverine in the woods; Spiderman watching the city while hanging over an alley; Silver Surfer leaving the atmosphere of a planet; Doctor Manhattan being his usual weird self; Superman jetting across the sky; and the Dark Knight keeping watch over Gotham City.

The designer doesn’t sell the posters himself, but he does offer the images with a Creative Commons license.  That means, you can download these, bring them to a printer and frame ’em up your wall for your big boy pleasures.  The rest of the pieces are posted below.

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