Supermarine Rain Shirt is Windproof, Waterproof

I once worked in an office where HR literally sent out a memo banning squirt guns.  Yes, erstwhile harmless Nerf play eventually degenerated into soaking wet play among the rank and file cubicles that serious people had to step in. At the time, we protected ourselves from the inter-cubicle combat with raincoats and hoodies, although this Supermarine Rain Shirt would have done the trick far better.

Made by Outlier, it’s a button-down collared shirt with one special difference: it’s highly water resistant.  While it’s not quite as waterproofed as government standards would like, it’s designed to stay dry even after an hour of being subjected to nonstop showers of the squirt gun variety.  And, yes, it’s supposed to work really, really good for staying dry under the rain, too.  Of course, your pants will still be dripping like a fish in an aquarium, but, at least, your shirt will be dry.

The Supermarine Rain Shirt is also wind-proof, making it ideal for wearing during storms, where rain and wind come together to wreak havoc with your spiffy outfit.  Which, depending on where you are in the world, may or may not be the case as of the moment, although you can’t deny the utility this will deliver the moment rainy weather sets in.

Fabric is Supermarine Cotton, a specially-milled material that sheds water like it’s nobody’s business while being very breathable.  Shirt features include a storm flap front pocket, pivot sleeves (for freedom of movement) and flat-felled seams.

You can pick up the Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt in navy and gray, priced at $275.

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