Supersized Foosball: Nike 11 vs 11

Want to make foosball feel more like a real football game?  Nike just showed us how to do it with the 11 vs 11, a supersized foosball table intended for play by up to 22  participants.  Just like in a real soccer…errr…football field.

Custom-built for the opening of Nike Stadium Milan, the gaming table takes a long stretch of floor space in the store.   While I’m not sure if eleven people really can stand hip to hip on one side of that thing (there weren’t pictures of that many people battling it out), it does seem like it can handle a full roster, with subs on the sidelines to boot.

Inside the shop, the one-of-a-kind 11 vs 11 Foosball Table plays the obvious centerpiece, amidst an entire floor dedicated to football and shelves upon shelves of Nike gear.  All your favorites should be in tow, including the brand’s entire football line (from Elite Series to the National Team Kits) and their most innovative athletic tech (Lunair, Flywire and the works).

With controls for up to eleven players on each team, the 22- player foosball should prove to be the most complex game of foosball ever devised.   I mean, it’s so ridiculous even an octopus can’t play it.  And those damn octopuses can play chess while boxing three opponents and doing arm wrestling at the same time.  Trust me, I’m an aquatic expert.

[Nike via High Snobiety]