SureFire V2 Vampire Flashlight Puts 100 Lumens, IR Beam In A Palm-Sized Tool

Afraid of the dark? You don’t have to be with a SureFire V2 Vampire Flashlight, a versatile nighttime tool that can crank out both blinding bright light and stealthy infrared, all while fitting in the palm of your hand.

We’re not sure about the name, but I guess it’s as good a tool as any to go into your Vampire Slayer Kit. Catch those blood-drinking nocturnal creatures in the act, shine 100 freaking lumens on their ass and take advantage of the momentary shock to drive your stake into their heart. Twist it in deep like an angry Sarah Michelle Gellar too. Hah.

Like we said, the V2 Vampire is a dual-output flashlight capable of delivering both white and infrared lights with no extra IR filter required. Built to last, Surefire claims its white/infrared LED assembly and lens are virtually indestructible, making it a handy companion for outdoor adventures. In white light mode, it comes with two output levels – 100 lumens for maximum light (up to 1.8 hours) and 10 lumens (which can stretch battery life for up to six hours). In IR mode, it produces a concentrated beam with enough surround light to make it usable for tactical applications.

Body is made out of military-spec aerospace aluminum, with a coated tempered window for maximum durability. It measures 5.7 x 1.3 inches long, making it easy to slip in a spare pocket or hold in one hand. A stainless steel clip also hangs along the body, giving you numerous carrying options (you know, like hanging it in your nose ring).

Whether you’re hiking the woods for fun, chasing after vampires in the cemetery or carrying out your ninja stealth duties, the SureFire V2 Vampire Flashlight has the size and power to prove itself a valuable ally. It’s not cheap at $310, but you can now confidently throw all those other cheap flashlights you’ve amassed away.  It could be all you really need.