This Surf Sauna Is Exactly What You Need After An Overhead Surf Session In Freezing Cold

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite watersport.  It just means you need to be more creative and find a way to keep warm through the biting temperatures.  The Surf Sauna is one extravagant way to pull it off.

Created by a group of surfers from New Hampshire, it’s a mobile sauna that hitches to the rear of your ride just like a trailer.  Take it along during your drive to the beach and have a cozy place to quickly warm up any time the freezing cold makes it physically difficult to catch another wave.

Looking like a giant barrel on two wheels, Surf Sauna comes sporting a complete facility for hot-air baths, giving surfers an easily accessible shelter from the frosty cold.  It can be custom-sized to fit anywhere from two to eight people, with options for being outfitted with a whole load of custom comforts.   Designed to hold up against extended exposure to the elements, the body is crafted from western red cedar wood (a naturally rot resistant and antimicrobial material), while the chassis and hardware are cut from marine-grade steel.  Each one comes fitted with surfboard racks on the outside, as well as a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack, in case the thing ends up stuck when parked at your cold weather surf spot of choice.

The best part?  Even when you decide to stay home, Surf Sauna will still be a fully-functional sauna while parked in your garage, where you can chill out and sweat the afternoon away.  Plus, you could make some extra cash delivering steam baths around the neighborhood. Pricing starts at $17,950.

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