Check Out Your Beach-Ready Bod On This Surfboard Storage Mirror

The Surfboard Storage Mirror is like any full-body mirror where you can check out all the muscles you’ve gained from the last two years you’ve spent doing Crossbell exercises. Except it’s also the perfect mirror to celebrate the summer, sporting a surfboard shape that will make you think twice about taking it down to the beach and trying to catch a wave before realizing too late that it’s such a horrible idea.

Yes, trying to use this to surf will be an exercise in futility. Partly, because it’s really just a mirror that’s been shaped to look like a surfboard. Mostly, because it’s also bulkier than any board that’s reasonably functional, since it has three full rows of storage shelves sitting in the back.

Measuring 56.25 x 16.25 (l x w x d), the Surfboard Storage Mirror will definitely look like a surfboard with a mirrored top at first glance. It’s designed to be leaned up a wall like a real surfboard, too. Take a peek at an angle, though, and you’ll see the three rows of shelves accessible from the sides, giving you a place to store your favorite props whenever you shoot the innumerable amount of mirror selfies that end up on your Instagram page. Which I happened to check out, by the way, and, no, there’s not supposed to be a muscle in that area, so you might want to ask a doctor about that.

Available now, the Surfboard Storage Mirror retails for $249.

Check It Out via TheAwesomer