Survival Bracelets Put 26 Inches Of Military-Grade Paracord On Your Wrist


There are many situations when a rope might be useful to you.  However, it’s absolutely impractical to carry them unless you’re purposely spending time in the great outdoors (except if you regularly dress up as  a cowboy, that is).  The Survival Bracelet allows you to carry a good length of rope, all while looking like nothing more than a regular wristband.

Bracelets come in standard wearable sizes and should fit most any wrist, from skinny malnourished geeks to gargantuan muscle-bound dolts (at least, those who grow to no more than 9-inches).   Don’t worry about the rugged accessory cramping your style – they look pretty snazzy and are available in over 900 color combinations.

Despite having the rope squished and knotted up to allow the diminutive bundle, a side-release facility (either plastic or metal) allows you to quickly disentangle the bracelet during emergency situations  They’re available in various lengths and configurations, with unraveled ropes ranging from 14 to 26 inches.  Once let loose, they can be employed for a variety of uses, including supporting weights of up to 550lbs.

Just like a multi-function knife, Survival Bracelets are downright indispensable when you’re hitting the outdoors.  There are just too many situations that can happen that requires a rope to more handily manage.  For city slickers, I reckon they’d make a nice emergency piece, apart from being instant fodder for conversation.  They’re available for around $21 apiece.

[Survival Straps via The Awesomer]