Assuage Your Emergency Paranoia: The Survival Kit In A Can

Most people who carry a Swiss Knife will probably never experience the need for a 2-inch knife blade at any point in their existence.  Yet, folks still carry them around “in case of emergency.”  Being prepared in the face of danger is just something people like.  That’s also the reason why we think stuff like this Survival Kit in a Can are awesome.

Like the name says, it’s a collection of tools you can use to survive in case you accidentally wander into the Amazon Jungle on your way home from work.  Hey, it can happen — there are time warps out there, you know.

The Survival Kit in a Can comes in a sardines-style metal tin container measuring 4.25 x 3 x 0.9 inches.  We’re not sure why they decided to put it in a sardine can, but my guess is that in any random sampling of the general population, the least amount of people will steal sardines over corned beef or spam.  Smelly fish floating in orange oil?  Blech.

Each can comes with 25 survival items that will come in handy, whether you’re living in the roof of your home during a great flood or stranded in a deserted island with nothing but a volleyball to keep you company.  Inside, you’ll get numerous medical supplies (pain reliever, bandage, alcohol prep pad, antibiotic ointment and a first aid pamphlet), some stuff to stave off hunger (sugar, salt, energy nugget, tea bag and chewing gum), fish hook and line, fire starter cube, box of matches, compass, duct tape, waterproof bag, paper and pencil, razor blade, safety pin, reflective signal surface, whistle and wire clip.  Plus, you can use the can as plate, drinking vessel and cooking pot, as necessary.

While there’s a good chance the Survival Kit in a Can will just stay in your glove compartment the next 20 years (which is a good thing), it still pays to be ready.  You can get one for $9.99.

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