Sushi Bazooka Fires Perfect Rolls

I’ve made sushi before.  It was horrible.  Making those perfect rolls just isn’t as easy as it looks in those make-sushi Youtube videos.  The Sushi Bazooka aims to make the process just a little less troublesome.

Anytime I hear “bazooka” in the name of a product, I immediately expect it to shoot stuff and create an explosive mess.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), that’s not exactly what  this contraption does.  Instead, the cylindrical gadget lets you make perfectly-shaped sushi rolls before gently pumping them out using a plunger control in the back.

The Sushi Bazooka is a plastic extrusion sleeve that measures 29.5 x 5.5 cm.  To use, you need to split the tube in half and take out the plunger, then bundle up the different ingredients (rice, fish, veggies, fruits and whatever else you want ) in a messy pile.  Once that’s set, position the plunger at the end and close up the entire thing, pressing the ingredients into a perfect cylindrical shape before pushing the plunger down.  Drop the resulting log into a seaweed wrap and get yourself a big load of sushi that you can proceed to cut into smaller slices.

There’s nothing revolutionary about it — in fact, it looks like one of those play-doh machines for spitting out cylindrical rolls of clay.  If you’ve been struggling to form perfectly-rolled sushi again and again, though, this thing could be the dead simple tool you’ve been waiting for.  Finally, you can find a use for those Samurai Sword Chopsticks at home.

Strapya World has the Sushi Bazooka available, priced at around $26.

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