Sushi Popper Lets You Eat Japanese On The Go

Tired of eating your sushi fresh? Give it that old frozen food feel with the Sushi Popper, which puts the rolled Japanese fare inside a container similar to them old fruity Push Pops.

I know what you’re thinking. Raw fish on anything that’s going to be stocked for a long time sounds gnarly. And it is. Fortunately, the raw marine life is only offered in four flavors here (tuna, salmon, salmon/avocado and spicy tuna), with the rest of the roster filled out by cooked meats (chicken teriyaki, cajun crab, baked salmon) and vegetarian fare (cucumber, sweet chili tofu, key lime pie).

Each Sushi Popper comes with eight pieces of sushi, all of them dabbed with a little wasabi for that authentic flavor. You eat the sushi by opening the airtight tube from the top and grabbing that first vinegared rice with raw fish that pops out. You can access the next seven pieces by pushing up from the bottom. Since you can’t enjoy wasabi without soy sauce, they throw in a stick of the dark seasoning affixed to the packaging too. You can dab it from the top or just drink it, whichever suits your taste buds.

To keep the sushi fresh, the product is stored frozen and needs to be thawed at least an hour (they recommend two) before consumption. Unless you’re really hungry, at which point, I doubt even mouth-numbing, crappy ice-cold sushi is going to stop you from popping the things in.

Sushi Popper’s makers claim it’s “extremely good.” While the mere idea of “frozen sushi” will need to do more convincing than that, you can try it out for $5. At least, when you get food poisoning, you’ll know where to point the finger.

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