Sushi Spray Lets You Spritz Your Food With Just A Little Soy Sauce

A lot of Asian food, such as sushi, are designed to go well with a dish of soy sauce.  Problem is, when you dip the food in a little too much, the entire thing can taste a little too salty for its own good.  The world deserves a better way of putting the right amount of soy sauce onto our food and this Sushi Spray just might be the thing to do it.

Made by Japanese company Fukuma Soy Sauce, it’s a condiment that’s flavored similar to those darker sauce varieties you’ll find in sushi restaurants.  That’s not the big selling point, however.  Instead, it’s the spray-on nozzle in the bottle that you’re supposed to use as a delivery method, allowing you to spritz a thin coat of soy sauce evenly onto any sashimi, maki, or nigiri in your plate.

With the Sushi Spray, you no longer have to get an entire sushi covered in the dark, salty sauce.  Want to just put a little soy sauce in the fish and none on the rice?   No problem.  How about a healthy heaping of the condiment on the fish and just a hint on the rice?  Just as easy.    What if you like to have soy sauce up your nose before you pop in a mouthful of sushi?  Sure, you’re weird, but that will work, too.  Basically, this thing gives you the ability to lather your sushi with the condiment any way you like, regardless of your mastery of the chopsticks.

The Sushi Spray, which is sold in 80ml bottles, is only available in Japan for now, but we doubt anything’s stopping you from buying a regular spray bottle and filling it with soy sauce.  Now, if only they made spray bottles as portable as Sricracha2Go

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