SUUMO Brings Authentic Street Art Into Your Home

There are plenty of options when searching for art to adorn your living room walls.  You can go photographic, nerdy, pixelated, and everything else in between.  If your boring home has been begging for some urban aesthetic, we can’t imagine a more exciting option than SUUMO’s Street Art Wall Murals.

No, these aren’t some random graffiti designs fashioned by some dude for selling as prints.  Instead, these are mural-sized photographic reproductions of real graffiti captured in the wild that are printed as photo-realistic decals, allowing you to bring authentic street art into any room of the house.

Each SUUMO Street Art Wall Mural is reproduced in near-scale proportions with exact colors, at sizes of up to 10 x 7 feet.  Each one is printed on proprietary paper matte fabrics with adhesive backing that you can simply peel off and stick to any wall in the house.  Even better, the adhesive isn’t permanent, so you won’t be forfeiting the rental deposit when you cover up the entire home in colorful murals.  Plus, they can be re-positioned and reused (provided you follow storage instructions), allowing you to redecorate with no problems whatsoever.

Every piece of art available in print form is taken from actual murals from the streets of Europe and the US.  Each one is licensed from the original artist, with a large selection that includes work from prominent street art figures like Pariz One, Mr. Dheo, and more.

Prices start at $65.

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