Suunto Traverse Alpha Is A GPS Adventure Watch For Fishing And Hunting


No, you don’t need a GPS adventure watch to catch fish or shoot game. If you like to take advantage of any edge technology has to offer, though, then you might as well strap on a Suunto Travese Alpha the next time you head out with your rifle, fishing rod, or pressurized bow in tow.

Designed for hunters and fishermen, the watch combines standard GPS functions with activity-specific features for fishing and hunting. And while it won’t make you a better shot or entice bigger fish to take your bait, having a collection of additional tools at your disposal should make for a handy companion, whether you’re fishing on a tranquil lake, hunting elk on public forests, or just planning a new fishing trip that probably won’t materialize anyway. Yeah, life is sad like that sometimes.


The Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with the usual adventure watch functions, including GPS/GLONASS navigation, topographic maps, altitude profiles, ascent tracking, and the ability to mark points of interest along the way (great for marking excellent fishing and hunting areas).  Moonrise and moonset times should help users figure out the best fishing times, while a barometric pressure graph lets you keep a close eye on any weather changes. Automatic shot detection maintains a comprehensive log of every shot you fire and its location, while a red backlight keeps allows you to see the watch clearly even when hunting at night with night vision goggles in tow.

Features include a knurled stainless steel bezel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and military-grade rugged performance (MIL STD 819G). Heck, even the nylon textile strap is designed to repel water, so this should hold up to the elements like a boss.

Available now, the Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch is priced at $570.

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