Sway Is An All-Electric Tilting Trike Scooter


We love the Swingtrike and its tilting tricycle frame.  But a recreational leisure machine that requires you to pedal to stay moving just doesn’t feel all that leisurely.  The Sway, a tilting three-wheeled scooter, sounds more like a ride befitting those adjectives.

Designed by Joe Wilcox, the motorized trike not only makes it easy to maintain your balance during rides — it can lean into turns just like a  regular sport bike, too.  Sure, the vehicle is a bit lacking in power, but for beer runs and short trips to the local mart, it should provide a particularly attractive option.

To allow the tilting motions, Sway uses a patented linkage system that banks the vehicle to one side without ever falling over.  Not only can it make for a fun and exciting ride over city roads, the creator says they rigged it to handle well over snow, mud and ice, too.

The current prototype measures 52 x 35 x 40 inches and weighs 230 pounds.  Drive is pushed by a 3000W hub motor installed on the solitary rear wheel, allowing it to run at speeds of up to 40 mph.  A  20-Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack is installed on the prototype, which will be replaced by a bigger 60-Ah pack in the production version, giving the vehicle a range of a little over 30 miles.

The Sway is being prepped for a limited production run in 2013.  No pricing has been announced.

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